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What Eric doesn't know about Kitchen & Walker Machine Tools is not worth knowing believe me. Born and raised in Hampstead, this master of engineering knowledge has been a Machine Tool Engineer since he was sixteen years old. He told me he has never been made redundant or been sacked which is quite an achievement after 52 years of service as a Machine Tool Engineer. Eric started his career completing a 5 year apprenticeship in North London with Litton's Machine Tool Company. Eric says his early days with the company were hard graft but interesting to him, quote "I just love mucking about with machines"....

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So what exactly does a Mechanical Engineer do? They design, build and test machines, engines and other mechanical devices. Whenever you buy or use almost any product, you can be sure that a mechanical engineer was involved in making it. What are the job options?: Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering fields. That’s because a mechanical engineer’s work varies by industry and by the type of job. For example: If you are working at Chester Machine Tools as a mechanical engineer you may design and build automated machines that are used to assemble products. At Chester the automated machines are the tools...

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