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Coming soon we have a new range of premium Jaw Chucks from our great British Kitchen & Walker brand.

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Kitchen & Walker Drilling Machines are renowned for their high quality and longevity. These drilling machines are perfect for industrial use. The Kitchen and Walker brand has been around since 1959 and these machines are proof of the success and recognition these drilling machines command. To view the Kitchen & Walker Drilling Machines click here  

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Chester Machine Tools take pride in providing our customers with the machines they need to strive. We seek out new technology and complete comprehensive research on the machine tools our customers in the UK and globally expect and require for their business. This year we are increasing our portfolio of machine tool provision and here are some more of our 'new to range' machines.... Kitchen & Walker Square Column Drilling Machine GPS50S VSNew series with enhanced functional design and high performance features. Check out the machine specification here   Brierley ZB820 Surface GrinderA Brierley of Industrial size.   Check out the machine here...

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Chester supply two types of machine drill, the bench drill and the pillar drill. The bench drill is used for drilling holes through materials including a range of woods, plastics and metals. It is normally bolted to a bench so that it cannot be pushed over and that larger pieces of material can be drilled safely. Chester's range BD/FD Series feature:  Fully Geared Head with Two Speed Motor for High Torque Head Rotates 360° to enable drilling in any position Auto Tool Ejector releases tooling quickly Cast Iron Column ensures stability in drilling Table Tilts 45° of centre allowing angled drilling...

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