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Double Ended Grinders from Brierley can be used for many different jobs but are predominantly used for sharpening lathe tools (HSS), drill bits and general fettling of parts. These robust performance machines feature high quality castings, sealed bearings, a balanced motor, dust extraction facility, NVR Switchgear, rigid toolsets. Brierley Double Ended Grinders are suitable for any workshop environment. (Machines are shown with optional stands and accessories). Available from Chester Machine Tools UK.

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Brierley Double Ended Grinders are high quality and from a renowned British Brand - they are ideal for workshop, industrial workshops and education centres. Chester Machine Tools Brierley Double Ended Grinders feature: High quality castings Sealed Bearings Balanced motor Dust extraction facility NVR Switch Gear Rigid Toolsets Standard accessories with the Double ended grinders include: Eye Guards Grinding Wheels Manual and Parts List Optional Accessories available: Gravity Dust Exractor Powered Dust Extractor inc. stand Different grade wheels Stand Water trough To view the full Brierley Grinding Machine Brochure click here  

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