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Chester Machine Tools has recently completed a major installation of machinery and accessories for a leading Malaysian College, Politeknik Banting in Selangor.   The significant order for the Mechanical Engineering department of the college, which comprises 20 lathes, 4 turret and universal mills, surface, bench and pedestal grinders plus a range of saws and pillar drills, is part of a major refit and upgrading of the institution’s teaching facilities in 2017.    Anthony Edwards, Chester Sales Director, said: “We have a long track record of supplying high quality equipment to engineering colleges throughout south-east Asia and this is just one...

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At Chester we are proud to support educational establishments worldwide. We believe the future belongs with our young engineers. We can provide Schools & Academies, Training Centres, Colleges, Universities and Research facilities with a spectrum of machines suitable for young people & engineering students of all ages.  When you purchase a machine from Chester Machine Tools UK we provide commissioning, servicing and training support. Here are some of our most popular machines, these machines are ideal for young people to practise their engineering skills, giving students the handle and feel for their future careers in engineering. If you are looking for a CNC machining centre we think...

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