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Chester Machine Tools have completed another large installation of Chester Machines in the middle east for a company specialising in oil refinery. Chester’s Engineering team completed the build, commissioning and training on a 3.2m double column vertical boring machine with 30t table load capacity, this was in addition to a large 1m stroke slotting machine, three 80mm radial drills, several lathes up to 6m centres and universal milling machines.  “We specialise in the supply of machine tools to the international energy sector, our company provides a product range and network of customer support that meets our clients highly specific mechanical...

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These are the Machine Tools we supply.  CNC Machines CNC Turning Machines Grinding Machines Lathes Milling Machines Borers Shaping & Slotting Machines Drilling Machines Sawing Machines Fabrication Machines For more details about the Machines we supply contact us here

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